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J. Paige Dunn’s Druid Chronicles

About The Author

I love to read (what writer doesn’t?). Stephen King, Terry Brooks, Kim Harrison, and Christopher Moore are some of my favorites, as well as the master, J.R.R. Tolkien. I also like running, drawing, archery, riding horses, knitting, and am interested in pretty much anything that would help me to survive the zombie apocalypse.

I’m married to an incredible guy who shares my love of video games. We’re both incurable geeks and our household includes younger geeks who delight in displaying their nerd pride. Even though I’m far too young to be a grandmother, I am still proud to be “Gamma” to my darling granddaughter. My daughter came up with the title. It might be a reference to the Hulk, gamma radiation, and losing one’s temper.

Becoming a published author has been my lifelong dream. I’ve written four novels in the last three years, and look forward to continuing to write and publish. If my writing brings you inspiration, or just takes you away from reality for a while, then I’m happy. This is my calling in life, and I’m excited and thrilled to share it with you.

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