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J. Paige Dunn’s Druid Chronicles

It has been…

More than a century since the earthquakes that started the Fracture that destabilized the Earth’s crust, setting off a chain reaction along the tectonic plates.

Ninety-nine years since the tsunamis ceased invading the shorelines.

Ninety-eight years since the first volcanoes exploded in fiery violence.

Ninety-seven years since lava and magma invaded the oceans, causing the polar ice caps to melt.

Ninety-six years since a hundred hurricanes devastated lands never before touched by such fury.

Ninety-five years since the ice age.

Ninety-three years since the atmosphere cleared, allowing the air to warm and earth to thaw so that crops could again be grown.

Eighty-six years since the polar ice caps completely re-formed and the oceans returned to their original boundaries.

Seventy-nine years since the Earth ceased its restless quaking and flexing… mostly.

Seventy-two years since humankind started coming together again to form towns and communities.

Sixty-five years since the populations of wild animals, insects, and birds have stabilized, becoming abundant once again.

Fifty-eight years since the emergence of Travelers, solitary individuals who blazed trails in their explorations.

Forty-nine years since most of the rivers and streams were cleansed of pollution and salt from the oceans.

During the last thirty years, trade between communities has been re-established. The need for Travelers has dramatically diminished.

Welcome to the new world.